How to celebrate yourself? Chiara knows how!

In need of some colourful and cheerful outfits in your Instagram feed? Chiara is the one you're looking for! Her outfits and energy really make us happy and in the meantime, she inspires us to celebrate ourselves! We visited her in Amsterdam, to talk about the value of clothes and capture her style in some photos.


With her outfits, Chiara always looks like she’s dressed up for a special occasion. We love her unique style. She tells us that clothes are our second skin; your outfit should show who you are. Own that style. Why should you only dress up for special occasions? Dress up and celebrate yourself! 

Chiara Spruit, Indiaan in je Kast

Shopping in your own closet
As a style coach, Chiara dives into women’s wardrobes, and together they figure out that woman’s style – clothes that make you happy. Shopping in your own closet is what she calls it. It’s a sustainable and fun way to “shop”, and every time her clients find lots of new combinations that they had never even considered.

This way Chiara shows that we already have so many items of clothing available. We often tend to go out shopping if we need a new outfit, but most of the time we can create that new outfit with items that we already own.

Creating new outfits 
She’s one of the most creative people I met when it comes to styling and combining clothes. When Chiara looks at a garment, she not only sees a skirt or a sweater, she sees a piece of fabric. In her Instagram stories, you can see her wearing skirts as headbands or wearing a blouse back to front. 

She’s got that mindset from her mother. Ever since she was a little girl, her mother took her to the Westermarkt in Amsterdam to look for materials to make clothes with. When they found a nice piece of fabric, her mother would ask her “What shall we make out of it?”

Every part of Chiara’s outfit tells a story.

Clothes that tell stories 
Every item of clothing in her wardrobe has its own story. The belt Chiara is wearing in the photo used to be a curtain tieback. Her mother was getting dressed for a party when the curtains caught her eye. “This curtain tieback would match perfectly with my outfit!” she thought. She decided to wear it as a belt, and since then she never placed it back to hold the curtains. Now Chiara wears it the same way her mother did. 

Her rings bring back memories as well. She wears one that belonged to the grandmother of her partner. One ring was a gift from a friend that she has known for more than 20 years and she bought another one in a thrift shop for only 1 euro.


You should definitely check her instagram page out: Indiaaninjekast

When I came home, I couldn’t wait to dive into my own wardrobe to start treasure hunting! I will share some new outfits with you soon. 

Imagine a world where we all start celebrating ourselves. It would not only make ourselves happy but others as well. Because let’s be honest, if you passed by Chiara on the streets, wouldn’t that put a smile on your face?

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