7X sustainable vegan sandals to wear this summer

Summer is looking extra bright this year, because sustainable shoe brands are truly turning op their vegan game! Make your feet happy with these vegan sandals made out of cactus and apple leather.


While I’m not allowed to purchase clothes for a year, shoes are of the hook. So far I’ve managed without. But now that summer has really kicked in, things are literary getting heated, specifically around my feet. Somehow I’ve lost my flip flops and I’m down to one pair of smelly sandals and one pair of open heels.

So I’m going to treat myself to a nice pair of vegan sandals that will get me through this summer, and hopefully years after that. And who am I to deprive you of all the gorgeous vegan shoe brands I countered upon in my search? Which one is your favorite? I’m still deciding…

1. Filia Up-Cycled Vegan Leather Slip-On Sandal , Collection & CO

2. Karla Desserto® Cactus Vegan Leather Sandal, Carmona Collection

3. Elysa Women’s Vegan High Heel Sandals, Matt & Natt

4. Octavia Recycled Vegan Suede Mule, Mesa

5. Kriss Vegan Leather Slip-on Sandals, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

6. Joana Woven Vegan Leather Mule, Mireia Playà

7. Juno AppleSkin™ Vegan Leather Sandal, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

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