how to make flared jeans

DIY sewing flared jeans: turn your own pair into bell bottoms

The easiest way to get flared jeans is to buy them. Another option is to turn a pair of regular jeans you already own into flared ones with some sewing. It's more work, but also more fun and this way you can add more of your personal style to your flares. I found the perfect video tutorial for this on Youtube with straightforward and clear instructions. I followed them and I'm pretty pleased with the result.


We’ve all been there. You’ve found a recipe, let’s say for a nice pasta dish, that you want to give a try. But before you get to the ingredients and instructions, you first have to plough through pages of blabbering about all the thoughts the author ever had about pasta. I know all this information enhances the Search Engine Optimization of the recipe in Google, but for the reader it’s just tyring.

So when I was in search of a way to turn my somewhat boring jeans into flared ones, I was so pleased to find this video. The maker gives you basic, simple directions for sewing flared jeans and the video is easy to follow.

One important thing to mention when you want to follow this video for sewing flared jeans: The Woodland Elf (who else?!) forgot to put in the hemming part, as she herself noticed too. “I accidentally cut out the hemming part of the video. So inserting a note about it here. You should hem the bottom of the insert before you sew it into the jeans, so it doesn’t unravel.”

I followed her instructions closely, but of course I made some rookie mistakes. So I’ll share some pictures of the making process with comments. So you don’t have to make the same mistakes again.

As you can see, I need some practice in sewing a straight line. But luckily this “drunk” line doesn’t show from the outside. After this sewing project I did decide to buy a decent linear, cutting mat and rotary knife. I expect these tools will help me work more precise.

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