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5 reasons your garments can use a good steam

If there was a Nobel Price for laundry issues, the steamer would definately be awarded. For everyone who detests ironing as much as I do, here are six reasons to switch to a portable steamer.


Like all normal people I have an aversion to ironing. I didn’t feel like ironing when the laundry was dry and I didn’t have time for ironing in the morning when I picked out my outfit. I mean, my ironboard stands in the attic. That’s a huge barrier. And don’t get me started about leaking irons and risks like burning and unintended creasing. Plus, it’s just a shitty job, especially around the sleeves. So, the part of my clothing that was wrinkled, never made it to Oufit Of The Day.

Untill… my birthday last summer. It marked the end of the Era of Wrinkles (this does not apply to my face and body, where this era has just kicked in). My boyfriend gave me a portable steamer. How romantic, and this is not meant ironically. I was over the moon with his gift! You just hover over your clothing with the steamer and water and heat will do the job.

I know I sound like a hideous commercial, but thanks to my handheld steamer I started wearing twenty percent of my clothes again. I keep the steamer in our bathroom, so I don’t have any excuse not using it. The only thing I need to do next, is fill up the water reservoir, hang up my garment and steam away the wrinkles! I use the Philips Steam&Go Plus, but there are tons of options out there.

The most obvious reason to use a steamer, is to release wrinkles. It’s the safest and gentlest way to do this. But steaming your clothes has way more benefits. So get your License to Steam!

1. Germ destroyer

Steam kills odor-causing bacteria in your clothes. So those smelly odours that build up from sweat and chemicals don’t stand a chance against your steamer!

2. Freshen up

Sustainable designer Stella McCartney recommends not washing your clothes. In fact, she advocates avoiding the washing machine – both for the longevity of your garments, but also because of the impact washing them has on the environment.

If you want to freshen up your clothes without washing them, steam them! This way you can keep your garments fresh between wearing and washing, especially woolens and dry-clean items.

3. Alleviates allergens

Steaming removes allergens that attract those vile dust mites. If you control the dust mite population in your home, you can control your allergies better. So steam those little bastards!

4. No chemicals

Steam is nothing more than heated water, therefore non-polluting and chemical free; way better compared with mite eradication methods that require the use of detergents and other chemical agents.

5. Safe for delicates

Delicate fabrics like wool, satin and cashmere will love your steamer. They can withstand the heat without causing any damage, because a steamer doesn’t make psysical contact with your clothing.

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